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The "power to go beyond the existing possibilities" isn't just another tagline – it's a reflection of what our company stands for and we tend to be the most innovative Company of choice by providing quality & innovative service and timely solutions through professional delivery of services.

In concrete terms, Ibda Group is reinventing itself by diversifying and evolving its Business model, accelerating in growth areas aWe are experiencing one of the most intense periods of change in history (globalisation, technological advances, hyperconnectivity, scarcity of resources, social changes, etc.). Our ability to evolve, to adapt and to improve is therefore crucial to our existence. Against such a complex, dynamic and constantly changing background, the competitiveness of any company (whether large or small) depends increasingly on its capacity to transform changes (and therefore opportunities), as quickly and efficiently as possible, into new solutions that add value.

To be competitive and meet the demand, Ibda Group is therefore using FIRE:

Flexible, to adapt to constant changes in the market.
Innovative, to respond systematically to these changes with new solutions that add value both to customers/users and to the company.
Rapid, as it must do so at high speed, at least at the same rate of change as the market (which is now intrinsically very fast).
Efficient, it must do so as productively and profitably as possible.
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Energy Radiation Cooling Technology

Smart Pole

A Smart Pole that doesn't look like a Smart Pole
Pipe Relining solutions For Commercial sector, Portable Water and Sewer CIPP
Fueling Energy Efficiency.

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